Training in Retail Pharmacy - March, 2019

Posted on March 18th, 2019 @ 04:15pm

  • As the concept of patient oriented services are new to developing countries like India and a major shift from product oriented approach to patient oriented approach is the need of the training to students is highly essential.
  • With this context, students of 8 th Semester B. Pharm took part in Clinical pharmacy, Medical store training at various reputed medical store in Rajkot. Students performed medical store training for 3 days for minimum 3 hrs, each day, at various reputed medical store like Gokul Pharmacy, Global IVF medical store, Vikas Pharmacy Medical store, Krishna medical store, shreeji medical, TULSI medical store, Shiv umang medical store, Saket medical store, Ashirwad pharmacy, Global medical store —RAJKOT, Patel medical store, Soham medical agency –gondal, Raj medicine, Gayatri Medical centre, Sundeep medical store etc.
  • Medical store management training helpful student for their Sound knowledge in Medical store management, dispensing of medications to patients, OTC medications, schedule C, X and H drugs. During these trainings session they were aware and learn about very important software like ‘PROMPT’ and ‘STANDARD‘ which is essential and compulsory requirement to run a medical store.