Hospital Training - 2019

Posted on March 25th, 2019 @ 01:56pm

Students of 8th Sem B. Pharm attended 2 Days hospital training on 18th and 20th March 2019 at reputed Wockhardt Hospital, Rajkot. We are always believe in Practice base Subject learning to understand various concept of clinical practice like drugs use in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), devices use in ICU, dialysis equipments and procedures, Crash cart medicines (Life saving medicine), role of clinical pharmacist in patients care etc..

We are very thankful to Dr. Prashant Mehta, Deputy Manager Medical Admin. for giving permission for this training in Wockhardt Hospital, Miss. Kinjal Pitroda and Miss. Kajal Kalaria (Clinical pharmacist at Wockhardt hospital) for their kind hospital training to our students.

The training was coordinated by Prof. Pravin Tirgar.