Posted on July 10th, 2019 @ 05:43pm

RK University hosts several elite centres of learning which provide students of all disciplines with cutting-edge skills, adding immense value to their respective degrees that helps students to stand out of the crowd. One such centre is the Centre for English as Second Language (CESL) which, apart from other initiatives, also conducts Cambridge English Courses. Four students and two staff members of School of Pharmacy, RK University, took the elite course and cracked its exams in 2019.


Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English. Cambridge English exams are designed to assess how learners use English to communicate in real-life situations.

Cambridge English exams are widely accepted as high-quality proof of language ability. They can open doors for students to live, work and study in English-speaking countries and almost anywhere in the world.


Cambridge English: Business Certificates are high-quality international English language exams, taken by over one million people worldwide. They are specifically designed to give employees and job applicants the work-focused English language skills they need to communicate in an international business environment.

The exams offer in-depth assessment at three different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the globally agreed standard for English language ability:

  • Preliminary – CEFR B1 (IELTS band scores 4.0-5.0) With a Cambridge English: Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary) qualification, you show employers that you have a good knowledge of English for practical, everyday use in business.
  • Vantage – CEFR B2 (IELTS band scores 5.5-6.5) With a Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) qualification, you show employers that you are ready to work successfully in international business. This exam could help you when applying for new jobs, getting a promotion, or developing your career.
  • Higher – CEFR C1 (IELTS band scores 7.0-8.0) With a Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher) qualification, you show employers that you have achieved an advanced level of Business English.

This means students can specify the exact level of English they require for recruitment or development purposes. Cambridge English Business Certificates have become an intrinsic part of assessing the language training that is given to all frontline employees who have to deal directly with customers and clients.  The exam helps develop cross-cultural communication skills and overall development of the students. It has an impact on confidence levels through international certification. It also introduces unfamiliar situations and helps simulate creative thinking and analysis.

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