General Health Checkup @ TechnoPlanet organized by Pharma Health Club

Posted on October 9th, 2019 @ 04:22pm

Pharma Health Club is an official SOAC Club of School of Pharmacy under which the students perform various activities for betterment of health and wellness of people.

Following are the details about the recent activity carried out by Pharma Health Club under the dome of TechnoPlanet 2019.

1. Objective of the Program

• To make students aware about their professional duties as well as get trained for various health checkup tests.
• To prepare future pharmacists ready for upcoming future challenges performing simple health related checkup and provide basic guidelines about health of society and how to improve it or maintain it.
• To establish professional values among all other professionals.

2. Brief description of the program

• The event was started at 09:00 AM on 04th October, 2019 at School of Engineering, RK University (Class room # 214) and various health parameters like Blood pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Visual Acuity, Hearing Ability, Pulmonary Health Checkup like Lung Capacity (Vital Capacity), Diaphragm Strength, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, etc parameters were measured.
• Apart from these, to give some information about recent technologies useful for health checkup or health tracking, students also guided the audience with different mobile applications like eRAKT, BMI App, Diabetes & Hypertension Tracker App, GSPC Drug Information Centre and India Drug Index.
• Most important note, that all the parameters were checked for free of cost.

3. Outcomes of the program

• Learning of various health checkup tests with with minimum and household apparatus;
• Students learned about communication skills, improved their understanding & explanation power, more importantly realised about their responsibility towards society and own profession.
• PharmD students along with members of Pharma Health Club members got the experience as Patient Counsellor.
• More than 111 people were benefited from this free general health checkup camp.