Project Based Learning 2018

Posted on February 4th, 2019 @ 03:39pm

School of Pharmacy, RK University, delivered the course of Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Management (4th Semester B. Pharm.) through Project-Based Learning. This is a rare initiative of any Pharmacy academic institute.

Integration of Theory and PBL
Students were sent to hospitals and retail Pharmacy stores of their choice for 10 days for learning this subject hands-on, as this subject can be best learnt by on-the-field experience. Their focus was more towards the role of Pharmacist in hospital and/or retail and less towards the Pharmacology side, for which we have a separate field training when they are in 8th sem. B. Pharm.

In order to get maximum benefit of PBL, it was shaped as an assignment form covering relevant topics to be taught in the syllabus.

As a part Outcome-Based evaluation, each group were asked to prepare a minimum 10 page report for their training and a PowerPoint presentation. The presentations were presented before whole class in order to give overview of the actual pharmacy practice going on nowadays.

For the authenticity of the training, a request letter from the institute was issued per group and the group was asked to submit back a copy of the letter with a sign and seal of authorized person from the relevant pharmacy.

For checking the integrity of the training groups, surprise visit to the pharmacies were also conducted by the respective faculties during the training period.