Posted on February 4th, 2019 @ 03:56pm

The Training and Placement (T&P) Cell conducted various skill-based and domain-based workshops for students of School of Pharmacy. Different categories of workshops were executed by specialist trainers of RKU’s T&P Cell for the students of 2nd sem to 8th sem B. Pharm. and 2nd -4th sem M. Pharm., depending on their level of competency & understanding. Aim of organizing these workshops is to make students aware of their set of competencies or skill sets, bring more clarity about their career goal, and train them to achieve it. Consequent workshops of higher level will be conducted for students in their upcoming semesters.

Workshop Conducted Importance
Goal Setting Need of the hour! This workshop was planned to make students understand about importance of goal setting and to make them learn, “how to set different types of goals.”   It leads student’s focuses on their acquisition of knowledge and helps them to organize their time and resources so that they can make the most out of their life.
Self Awareness Workshop on self awareness has been designed to help students in knowing their inner self.  Workshop basically aimed to bring better understanding about one’s self and enhance confidence and self-esteem of participants. It also helps them to understand other people, how they perceive them, their attitude and their responses towards them in the moment.
Psychometric analysis This workshop is designed to spread awareness about psychometric assessment and make them aware about their personality traits and personality type on the basis of Myers personality test for individuals.
SWOT & JWM SWOT (Strength, Opportunity, Weakness and Threat) analysis is framework that helps individuals in identifying their own strengths and weaknesses in term of skills and competencies one possesses. Further it also helps us in identifying opportunities available in market which matches our strengths and potential threats we are susceptible to if we do not start working on our weaknesses.
JWM (Johari Window Metrics) is a latest important tool to give and receive feedback about our traits in group setting.  It further helps us in knowing about perception of others about us and also helps us to know about our hidden traits which are not known to ourselves.
Detailed plan of the executed workshops
Sr. No. SEM Date Time Name of the workshop
1 8th 27th FEB 2018 (Tuesday) 2.5 hours SWOT + JWM
2 6th 5th March 2018    (Monday) 2.5 hours Goal Setting
3 4th 6th March 2018 (Tuesday) 2.5 hours Psychometric Analysis
4 2nd 7th March 2018 (Wednesday) 2.5 hours Self Awareness

All students of School of Pharmacy took benefit of these workshops. Training and Placement Cell is sure that these workshops will be helpful in contributing to the continuous improvement of professional skills among participants. The Training & Placement Cell is proud to have played a pivotal role in placing all needy students of Pharmacy (M. Pharm., as well as B. Pharm.) over the years.