Industrial Visit at Sterlife Pharma, Rajkot

Posted on March 13th, 2024 @ 02:30pm

School of Pharmacy, RK University organized an industrial visit to Sterlife Pharma, Rajkot on 12/12/2023 for students of 1st Sem B.Pharm. Total 116 students joined for an industrial visit. During our tour of the industrial facilities, they gained insights into the manufacturing processes of primary formulations such as tablets and capsules. We observed the meticulous preparation of ingredients for formulation, witnessed the filling and sealing processes, and learned about the rigorous inspection procedures to detect the presence of any foreign materials in the final formulation. The experience was enhanced as students participated in small group visualizations, providing them with a hands-on understanding of each step. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to witness these processes in continuous operation. As the visit concluded, students also received valuable insights into the labeling and packaging stages of the formulations. This industrial visit was an educational excursion organized by academic institutions to expose students to real-world industrial environments. During these visits, students had the opportunity to explore manufacturing facilities, observe production processes, and interact with industry professionals. The purpose was to provide practical insights that complement theoretical learning, allowing students to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and practical applications. Through guided tours, demonstrations, and interactive sessions, students gained a firsthand understanding of industrial operations, technological advancements, and safety measures. These visits not only enhance students' knowledge but also foster networking opportunities, inspire career choices, and encourage a holistic approach to education by connecting theoretical concepts to tangible industrial experiences. Tour was organized by Mr. Vishvesh Kanabar and well-coordinated by Mr. Bhavik Jani, Ms. Sejal Pandya and Ms. Ashwini Dhruv under the support and guidance of Dr. Pravin Tirgar, Director of School of Pharmacy, RK University.