Webinar series on Pharm D Prodigy: Navigating the Path to Pharmacy Excellence

Posted on March 13th, 2024 @ 02:50pm

The School of Pharmacy RK University Rajkot had organized the "Pharm D Prodigy: Navigating the Path to Pharmacy Excellence" webinar series. The primary objective was to enlighten participants about the diverse opportunities and roles within the field of Pharm D, with a focus on research publication. The series featured seven experts from various domains, each delivering lectures on different topics related to pharmacy.

  1. Dr. Bhavin Vyas:
    • Position: HOD Pharmacology and Pharmacy Practice
    • Institute: Uka Tarsadia University Bardoli
    • Topic: "Mastering the Art of Research: Strategies for Effective Publication and Thesis Writing in Pharm D"
  2. Dr. Mihir Thakkar:
    • Position: Medical Writer
    • Company: ProductLife Group
    • Topic: "PharmD Perspectives: Elevating Pharmacovigilance for Safer Healthcare"
  3. Dr. Priya Singh:
    • Position: Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    • Company: CBCC Global Research
    • Topic: "Unveiling the PharmD Advantage: Thriving as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA)"
  4. Mrs. Upasana Bhalani:
    • Position: Medical Editor at Conversation Health, Canada
    • Topic: "How to start your journey as a Registered Pharmacist in Canada"
  5. Dr. Sandip Bhatt:
    • Position: Associate Professor
    • Institute: K.B. Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
    • Topic: Elements of Clerkship in Pharm.D


  1. Ms. Shivani Oza:
    • Position: Pharmacovigilance Research Associate
    • Company: COD Research Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad
    • Topic: Role of Pharmacovigilance in Clinical Trials