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PSOs 1: Apply fundamental principles of pharmacy in developing entrepreneurial expertise and solving community-based problems.

PSOs 2: Work competently in various areas of pharmaceutical industry and inter-disciplinary research.

PSOs 3: Work effectively and ethically in their professional environment.

PSOs 4: Seek constant improvement and develop new skills to enhance the state of their pharmaceutical practice.


The B.Pharm Curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the dynamics of the pharmacy profession, which necessitates coverage of a wide spectrum of expertise. Communication skills, basic computer applications, bio­-statistics, intellectual property rights, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and herbal drugs standardization are some of the courses in our curriculum which potentiates a graduate’s knowledge and practical base making him/her stand out from a crowd. Yearly review by our industrial experts of board of studies ensure a refined, updated syllabus. Research project in the curriculum of final year gives the student the edge of a post graduate while pursuing B.Pharm. Such a curriculum and syllabus leaves enough time to organize instrument training, retail and hospital exposure for the B.Pharm students.


   Teaching Scheme for B.Pharm

Semester 1

   First Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Semester 2

   Second Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Semester 3

   Third Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Semester 4

   Fourth Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Semester 5

   Fifth Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Semester 6

   Sixth Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Semester 7

   Seventh Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Semester 8

   Eighth Sem B.Pharm 2020-21

Syllabus Last Updated : 19-09-2020